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Gambling is across all countries definitely not counted as a virtue but if estimates are anything to go by every third person in the world visits a casino either a physical one or an online at least once in six months. That makes the numbers swell! The gamblers have many a arguments up their sleeves. Most of them liken the games to life itself. What can u tell them back? yes gambling is addictive and it has been clinically called a disease of the mind where in America alone at least three percent of the gamblers suffer from pathological conditions and 4 percent of the teens who frequent the casinos are addicted to the game and have even confessed to have stolen money to be able to gamble at the table for the day.

So where do the chunk of gamblers alight at when they have the lucky itch?

Of course at Las Vegas! McCarran International Airport which is also the prime Vegas airport is named the eighth busiest airport in the world with 850 flights in a day and ferrying 3 million passengers in a month alone. Most of them travel in and out of the airport only for one reason is Gambling!! refer there site http://www.v29bet.com/lpe88-casino/

Okay, so it’s a prestige working for the blue chip companies?

Alright did you even imagine where that term ever came from? Of course, from gambling! The blue chip coins that are played at the casinos are the coins of the highest denominations and the best players always prefer to play with them and not with the humbler red and white ones.


The Devil’s Game

Have you ever tried your luck at the roulette? Seven out of ten people who play the roulette wheel are finished with their quota for playing within the first hour itself. It may not be a co incidence then that it is also christened as the “Devil’s Game”. The roulette wheel has the number 1 to 36 on it and when you add all the numbers together, the sum is 666 which is the number associated with bad omen.

Of slots and public buildings

Given the absence of skill required to play the famous slots, they are the most popular games that gamblers jump on as soon as they enter the casino. They are also the most used and a place that most of the money is lost. Probably, the idea that there is no harm is pressing the button just one more time has cost more people penury than a comfortable life spending their won jackpot. However, they say life is where hope is and the same people who lost heavily at the slot the previous time will come again with bulging pockets to challenge Miss Luck again!Talking about public buildings, did you know that the Great Wall of China was in parts built by funding from gambling and lotto? Those days, people in power used to mobilize the money locked away with people by coming out with tempting prizes for the lotteries and people used to fall into the trap. And you thought that great monuments could never be made by gambling!!

And what did the avid gamblers did when they were hungry between an interesting game?

Invent the sandwich of course! John Montago, the beloved earl of Sandwich did not want to leave his place in the gambling house and even forgot his meal times. He was so engrossed in his game that he had no time to fork his veggies and bread. Instead he pressed the vegetables and meat between two buns of bread and the rest as they say is history!

Lottery and the head of the state

The Zimbabwe president, Robert Mugabe is one of the only head of the states to have been the winner of a private lottery worth 100,000 Zimbabwean dollars which is an equivalent of approximately $4000.The biggest ever jackpot won from the slots in Las Vegas has been won by a Californian software engineer, 25 who requested that his identity be kept anonymous. He won $40 million at the Megabucks Slot machine at Las Vegas. This is the biggest and the fastest till date.


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