Company Culture

Our culture is a product of the people that we hire

The people who work with us and help us in our endeavor of entertaining the maximum number of people who walk in to our gates sum up the culture that we follow. They are from all different walks of life and some from different backgrounds and continents, still what unites us here is the will to work together and to enjoy the work we are all doing and to be the best of hosts to our customers who trust us with their recreational hours.

  • We have been the earliest adopters of new ideas

    While we have been in business of casino running and entertainment for a good part of the five decades gone by, we pride ourselves as being totally open to the idea of adopting newer ideas and working principles and also are overwhelmed with the success that we have seen. We have never ever regretted our quest to try newer things and even though sometimes we think that being consistent could have been better we cannot deny that we have learnt from our experiences and are growing in experience by leaps and bounds.

  • It’s tough to be fun always

    And that is precisely why we are proud of the people who work with us and are forever striving to increase the fun quotient at our casinos every single day and every single hour of the day. We also believe in having the communication channel between our people and s always open and if there is anything that is troubling us or them, to nip it itself. We are fond our and our showmen who give it their all so that our guests have memories to take back and when they want to make some more memories, we are at the top of their mind.


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